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Introduction from Dave


I am your HTML geek Dave, and she is my fiancé, Denelle, doing all the proof reading and editing of my less-than-perfect grammar. This is our site to tell our story and share our extraordinary times together with friends, family and perhaps just random internet surfers. We've all seen couples' websites before; they all kind of follow the same cookie-cutter format. This hopefully will be a little more fun and less conventional, hopefully even a little more personable. Note I said personable, not personal, after all we are all here on these open tubes called the internet where not every small detail needs to be shared with the whole world. Yet hopefully it's personable, and you get to know a little about us from our tiny soapbox on the web that we call www.DaveAndDenelle.com

You will not find any fancy flash animation sequences, or highly addictive social gaming, or even apps for your Smartphone on this site. Perhaps it’s the lack of budget or our own website engineering firm. Nope this is just us with a mouse, keyboard, some cameras and a story of boy meets girl.

As mentioned earlier, I am the geek; she is the brains. My spelling and grammar are quite horrific (yes, I can see friends nodding their heads now), so please bear with us as we bring you into a slice of our life together.

Introduction from Denelle


I am the fiancé, Denelle, and if it were up to me, there wouldn't be a webpage about us and our wedding.  I am sure Dave will be crushed when he reads that, but I tend to be intensely private and decidedly non-technical.  INTENSELY PRIVATE and NON-TECHNICAL.  I never would have thought about putting together a webpage for any part of my life.  Being required to maintain a page at work is enough of a headache; thankfully, all I have to do for this one is write material. Dave figures out everything else. 


I cringe at the thought of putting our story out for the world to see (especially students--ugh!), especially since I don't think that our story is very interesting to anyone but us, but since Dave endures long trips to used book sales and eco-documentaries and lots of teacher-talk, it seems only fair that I make a little sacrifice and tell my side of our story.  Besides, I am too much of a grammar snob to allow comma splices in a story that includes me; therefore, I must be involved.


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