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Updated Details - Sept 2012


We are quickly approaching the big day. One of the biggest challenges in Red Bank is parking. Many of the bigger parking lots have a parking kiosk, side street parking has meters. The parking garage has its own system. I only mention the parking garage if you can't find anything else. It is a few blocks out of the way. Weekend parking is until 6pm only, so no need to pay past 6pm. The parking lot kiosks charge $.50 per hour up to $2.00 for 4 hours; the new machines accept bills, coins and credit cards. On street parking via meters is double that of the parking lots and only accepts coins.  Please do not park at the library, it has limited spots for use by library patrons.


Since there are no decent maps of Red Bank parking options, I created one you can download: here


Updated News


We have set a date of October 20, 2012 as our big day! It will be a small service followed by a small reception. We have chosen to have our ceremony at the Eisner Memorial Library in Dave's hometown of Red Bank, New Jersey. It is also known as the Red Bank Public Library, perched along the Navesink River. While most of the building looks like your standard-utilitarian-library-designed-for-maximum-shelving-space, the front room, of the old Eisner family home has remained intact as a lovely room for our vows. As Denelle has a love of literature, and Dave loves things unique, the library seemed like a great choice. We are looking forward to keeping it all local and quaint, with the Red Bank Mayor, Honorable Pasquale Menna, performing the service.

So you may have guessed that  books and literature play an important role in our home. However as the library is a municipally owned and operated facility, it has never hosted a wedding in its 75-year-history since becoming a library in 1937. We put our request in front of the library Board of Trustees, and were very happy to hear the good news and now share it with you.

In keeping with the "going local lifestyle" and enjoying the local Red Bank downtown culture, we have secured the upstairs of the Dublin House on Monmouth Street for our reception. Like the library, it is a smaller venue, but we prefer small and quaint to large and soulless. Much like the library, this will be a first for the Dublin House, hosting a wedding reception. We are glad to keep it all local in our beautiful town and show our out-of-town guests what a great place we call home.

The library is not just simply the precursor to the Kindle or Nook. The library is a classic piece of the fabric of Americana. It is not just a place to read books, but a place of community, gathering and sharing. In a past gone by it is up there with the grange and town hall. Libraries also teach us the importance of sharing, appreciating and responsibility of retuning things borrowed.

So no it is not just a place that smells of mildew and of book glue; it is a key contributor to the center of our sense of community. Long before today's distracting multimedia world we were all taught to read a story and use our imagination. Rich or poor, the library is there for all to share and appreciate.

Everyone comes to hear the enchantment from "Once upon a time" to "Happily ever after". (Obviously some parts of that are still being written) Out of respect for the books, the bride and groom ask that your please refrain from bringing your Nook, Kindle, or e-reader to the wedding day festivities.

Where: Eisner Memorial - Red Bank Public Library

When: October 20, 2012

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