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Good Karma Causes

Rather than sit around and complain about the state of affairs in the world, Dave and Denelle try to get involved with projects, groups, charities and gatherings that try to make the world a better place. Admittedly Denelle has had a positive impact in getting Dave off the couch, and turning his couch potato energy into something worthwhile. While some may nay-say our impact and ask, "What difference can two people make?" But it is an amazing start.  Here are a few of the causes with which we have tried to become involved.

Hobbies and Interests

In addition to causes, there are many other hobbies and things of interest that keep each of us busy. Dave really enjoys writing and photography; Denelle enjoys a good book and educating others about the joy of reading.


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More Items

There is always more items, what there is a shortage of is hours to code content into the site. Slowly more links, favorites and hobbies will magically appear here for your entertainment. These tube and wires that were put in place by Al Gore do take some time to navigate. So check back for more content soon.

Documentary Favorites



    Food Inc.  
    Bag It  
   An Inconvenient Truth  
   No Impact Man  
   King Corn  
   Botany Of Desire  
   Waiting For Superman  


There is that random rectangular box again, intentionally left blank at the moment. It is still really nice , but Dave can't decide what should fill it just yet. Stay tuned for something.


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