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We did many trips in 2011, and also had many other outings, explorations and basic photographic opportunities. We all know Dave loves to take pictures, definitely a trait he inherited from grandmothers on both sides of the family and a terrific uncle who got him started with his first camera. The family joke used to be that Grammie would not know if she had a good time until she got her photos back. Now you know why I always travel with at least one camera. Unlike Nanna's old Brownie camera, I am able to take scenic moments in time and capture them without cutting everyone's head off in the picture. Denelle has been a very good sport about accepting my love of photography which started in the seventh grade. Every year the best twelve become featured highlights in Dave's annual calendar. In other words, I am always looking for the scenes that are calendar worthy, and I love that Denelle accepts that.



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